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48 years


September 8th, 1966

Happy Birthday, Star Trek


Happy Birthday

September 8th, 1973

Star Trek, The Animated Series


Imagine Bones and Spock having to wait for Jim before going into some important meeting and Bones gets very bored so he just up and boops Spock’s nose and after that instead of paying attention to the meeting Spock spends the whole time trying to figure out whatever strange human custom he was just a part of.

MODS NOTE - ill have you know, theasgardiandetective, that ive been staring at this doodle for like ten minutes ‘awwh’ing at my computer screen thank you SO MUCH

spockoandjimjim whispered: Sarek would totally be preoccupied with Spock and Bones having kids. Like he likes bones but he really just wants Spock to settle down and have babies damnit.


imagine that whenever sarek comes to visit hes always dropping not-so-subtle hints about kids that are available for adoption on vulcan and on earth

one time he actually leaves a booklet on their bed

writewordswithmusic whispered: imagine jim creating a social media network for the entire enterprise and it's just like facebook and so the entire crew makes pages for each of themselves and then suddenly both bones' and spocks' relationship statuses change to "it's complicated"


and of course it takes jim about .004 seconds to figure it out and he immediately calls uhura to gossip

Anonymous whispered: imagine bones booping spock when hes bored becoming a thing. like going onto the bridge and walking behind spock and being like "hey spock" and spock turns around and is like "yes doctor?" and bones just dramatically thrusts his arm out and very lightly pokes the tip of spocks nose with his finger "boop". and then he walks away into the turbolift silently and everyone is just like "???" and spock is like "boop?" and then he starts doing it back so the next time it happens spock is in the sickbay


((cont)) and bones has just finished patching him up from some away mission gone awry and then he boops his nose and makes the noise wit it. spock just nods solemnly before he too dramatically thrusts his arm out and pokes bones’ nose “boop, doctor. boop.” and bones just stares at him for a few seconds before dying of laughter

imagine that becoming spock and bones’ thing, whenever they see each other, with a perfectly straight face, they boop each other on the nose

nobody understands it

confessingtos whispered: I think Bones losing his voice would be one of the most wonderfully hilarious things. I can totally imagine him on the bridge bickering with Spock and getting so mad that he can't say anything and just not knowing how to express his anger without his voice. And everybody is trying not to laugh as Bones waves his arms like a madman at Spock and stomps his foot a billion times. All the while Spock is smirking and not shutting up, just to makes Bones even angrier.


imagine bones trying to yell, but all that comes out is a high pitched squeak 

spock thinks its adorable 

And then, of course, Bones can tell that Spock finds him adorable and it makes him even more mad and Spock still hasn’t shut up and now it’s the final straw.

And so Bones fists his hands in Spock’s shirt, roughly pulls him down and plants one right on those infuriating lips.

The whole ship goes silent and everyone is waiting for them to stop but after 10 seconds they’re still going at it and the whole crew is like “>.> … <.<”

And they all look to the Captain who is just like,

"What can I say?"

and in the midst trying not to grin too much. (But he fails, of course.)

it’s definitely because they’re making out